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Jesse Ede is a designer, maker, crafter and artist.


Ede has been surrounded by design and art for as long as he can remember. The son of an artist and with a naturally inquisitive character, Much of his life has been spent in workshops and studios, allowing him to acquire a vast range of skills. Ede worked and travelled the world for eight years before moving back to Cape Town, spending time working as a carpenter for an Antiguan boat-building company. His work on classic sailing boats, allowed him to hone his carpentry skills. It also gave him unique insight into the interplay of form and function. 

In his work, Ede is drawn to natural materials, that do not necessarily appear ‘finished’. He enjoys capturing the rough nature of truly organic surfaces, manipulating them to expose the contrast between the material itself and the man-made processes that form them into sculptures. Ultimately, he looks to celebrate the rawness of uncontrollable outcomes, using uncommon processes and experimental silhouettes.

Ede’s work draws inspiration from celestial bodies and lunar landscapes. 

All photographs by Devin Paisley.




+27 71 431 3874

Cape Town, South Africa